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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DeLay-ed Reaction

Gotta love the timing of this DeLay retreat. Ha ha! All the squawking he did about not being involved in any crapdoing and, all of a sudden, a day after some of his cronies elect to do some squawking of their own (read: save they own asses), he quits the race, plans to quit Congress, and books his one-way run to the rocks.

Reminds me of a story of a friend of mine who, when he was younger and still living at home, decided he wanted to spend an evening with a young lady, without his mother knowing. He had it all figured out. He'd lie to his mother about going to a movie with the guys, then go pick up the lady and actually go to a park somewhere and make their own movie. One problem--he didn't let the girl in on the deception. All went as planned, so he figured. He got the car, he got the clearance, he got the girl, and he came home, smug as, well, a Republican, when he was met at the door by his mother.

She asked him how his friends were. He said that they were fine. She asked him how the movie was, and he lied and said it was great, even going into detail about some of the scenes he never saw. He generally waxed, like, um, a politician, lying lying lying right into his own mother's (or voter's) face. When he was done, she smiled.

"Oh," she said, "because, strangest thing. This girl called right after you left looking for you. Said you were late picking her up..."

He said that he felt like he'd swallowed a bowling ball. He gave up the story right then, beginning instead to apologize to hopefully soften the blow.

Didn't work. I quote: "Man, my parents went crazy. They took my license, took the car priviledges, took all my posters off my wall, took all my magazines, grounded me for a month. They lost their minds! They seized my shit up! I didn't get the car back for a year!"

Lesson: Deception has all kinds of ways of getting out, possibly right out of the mouths of our friends.

This, of course, is not to say that DeLay did anything wrong. Maybe he's just tired of politics and is headed right down to New Orleans to spend some time with Habitat for Humanity, or possibly he's prepared to come clean on a bunch of shit because, you gotta believe, there's somebody in that cabinet who, if they decide to squawk, could get the whole lot arrested. The cops would do better to just throw some bars up around the White House and call it the Government Penitentary and be done with it. All squawkers, though, may need to make sure that they cancel that hunting trip with "Elmer Fudd" Cheney.
Jeremiah, 7:19 AM

1 Back at me:

I did laugh my ass silly at the Delay article today. But, after reading the Rolling Stone last night with the huge article on Abramoff, and what scum he, Ralph Reed, and Republican party are in general, I can't help but think Delay is gonna come out of this smelling like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Someone, somewhere, is waiting to give him a big lobbyist job, or "consulting" job, or make him liaison to some foreign oil-rich country. Republicans never die, they just get richer and more underhanded.
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