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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Now's the Time on Sprockets When We Dance

Okay. Here we go. Another installment of the Mastubatory Group Poetry Thang, where we give you a word and you write, photograph, paint, sing, or dance, or whatever to that word and then post the results of your creative endeavor on your blog to enrich us all. I've been handed the flaming baton by Mona and that means that I supply the inspirational word of the week. And, that word is (dot dot dot):


This is one of my favorite words, right up there with "isthmus", "buzzard", and "Triceratops". All of which I've spared you, for now...

Notice: a timed creative spree isn't required. You can ruminate on the word and create on it for as long as it takes. Though, you are also not discouraged to just spend ten minutes on trying to unravel your synapses to get at what that word inspires in you and, in fact, spending just ten frantic minutes may unveil some hidden (hey! last week's word makes an appearance!) stuff that will make for an intense experience for you and for your audience.

Do what you will, creative souls. Create about "carousel" and post on Friday. See you then.

PS: To any new readers, let us know who you are and that you posted and we'll come to your joint too! Block par-tay!
Jeremiah, 12:41 AM

2 Back at me:

I love Mike Myers. I am also prone to lifting up my shirt near my nipples and saying, "I'm as happy as a little girl." Touch my monkey!

Yeah, I'm sick like dat.

Ooh, love the word! Conjures up summer fairs and budding relationships. This'll be fun!
Blogger Mona Buonanotte, at 10:35 AM  
Carousel is the name of the baby chairlift at our local ski resort. It doesn't go round and round, although the kids do when they're learning!
Blogger Jennifer (ponderosa), at 1:22 PM  

Say sump-tun