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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On Blovelling

I've created another blog called Our Dream of Louie and it is this thing called a "blovel", which is the combination of the words "blog" and "novel". I didn't make up the word "blovel" but, for a while, I thought I did. That was, until I had to go and Google the dang word and found out that it preceeded me by enough time to make me embarrassed at how cool I thought I was for inventing it.

A word of advice: if you happen to think that you've come up with something remarkably clever, you'd do yourself a favor by going ahead and Googling it before you claim it. It's possible that it is already bronzed and sitting on someone's shelf, all the while you thought you had plucked it from the folds of your rainbow imagination fresh as a newborn and glowing with originality, waiting to make people at cocktail parties throw their heads back in delighted laughter when you mention it.

Anyway, it's not my word, but it is my work. What I'm trying to do there is to dance out a novel, making it up as I go along, and letting everyone share in the experience. I want to let it unravel naturally, as the characters wriggle free from my synapses, shake off my brain goo, and start to see what they can do in this dusty, sepia-tinted, odd world that they've been born into. As I pointed out in the blog intro, I will use whatever medium I can upload to keep the story going and all I can promise is that I won't lead you too far astray. In other words, one day after being in Texas, the characters won't wake up on Mars the next day holding laser guns and fighting to save the galaxy from the Evil Blidds. Unless, of course, the Evil Blidds kidnap Donald Trump. Then, it's on.

I think this is an exciting thing (at least from where I sit and geek out) because I do have the option of taking advantage of other mediums to shift the dimensions of the work so that, one day, you could be viewing a photo and the next, hearing me reading a passage, to the next, hearing the characters themselves acting out the next scene. Embracing the blovel (we gotta come up with a better word--any ideas?--then again, I thought "blog" was an awkward word and, well, it has matured quite swan-ly, huh?) and its potential won't necessarily revolutionize literature because ain't nothing better than a thick book, with crinkly pages, a musty smell, and some weight and substance to cradle, just enough to keep your palms warm, but it will make telling a story a dynamic, interactive thing, the way true storytelling should be.

Not that I'll accomplish any of this, but I'm going to try.

So, though I have no idea where this story will go, I will impose a length on it so it doesn't wander. And, also, though I have no idea of where it will go, I do know the spirit of it because it actually is inspired by a real person, whose name is something like Louie. And, I really did think this person was an angel, or whatever word you would use to label an "uniquely soulful dude who knew and saw stuff normal people had no idea of." Though I'm not a particularly religious person, I am a very spiritual person, and, for my cosmic bucks, the real Louie was something special. I'm even convinced that he once saved my life. I've lost touch with him, physically, so this story is my way of taking a journey to see him again, to re-examine the stature he held in my memories, and to imagine where he is now.

Anyway, drop in on it every now and then. When all is going perfectly, it'll be updated twice weekly. When all is going normally, then it might be updated once every two weeks.

Oh, and, by the way, why don't you try a blovel too? Or, at least say "blovel" ten times really loud and fast on your front porch to the lady walking the dog. The look you get will be priceless.
Jeremiah, 12:03 AM

6 Back at me:

sounds like groveling, but then it's not.. :))) and it's very good, might I add...

I had a plog- blog began on paper, but plog ultimately sounded ridiculous. so I just went back to its original title...
Blogger ipodmomma, at 7:03 AM  
hmm... I came up with a word once - on the fly just sitting around with some friends over coffee - no, wait, it was something stronger, I'm sure! It was such a cool word, too!

Do I remember it?


Perhaps again, sometime soon.
Blogger Turtle Guy, at 7:09 AM  
How about 'wovel', for web-novel? If you say it fast, it sounds like "waffle"...mmm...waffles....

I was gonna suggest 'e-no' for electronic-novel, but 'e-no' sounds like someone tried to give me a live mouse....
Blogger Mona Buonanotte, at 9:38 AM  
Neologism... now there's a good word to invent. ;-)
Blogger Sarah Elaine, at 5:34 PM  
iPod: I kinda like plog, myself.

Turtle: You gotta recreate the creative environment, so call those friends again and go have some "coffee"--it'll come back.

Mona: Eno Wovel will be a character name I use someday. Or possibly a band name. You'll get a cut.

Sarah: Very good!
Blogger Jeremiah, at 7:57 PM  
plog is all yours then... :)))

ooohhh... ipod right into my brain! I'll need it, cause I'm quite blowing out my eardrums already... :)))
Blogger ipodmomma, at 11:51 PM  

Say sump-tun