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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Admit, I Used to (Be) Like This

A friend of mine sent me a link to this Journey video from '83 and, once I stopped laughing, it set off a question in my head: With this video, was Journey actually clever enough to create a sharp rock and roll satire piece (a' la Spinal Tap) which sailed over my head back in my twinkly-eyed, my-life-is-for-forever 80's youth, or could it be that they were really this corny?

I asked this question in my humor email group, which is just comprised of a bunch of old college buddies who are now shackled to desks in cold concrete phalluses, but who could, at the cliche-ical drop of a hat, still do tequila shots from shot glasses that were pulled off the holster of some slinky female waitress at a dirty Mexican bar while chanting "Woo! Woo! Woo!" (read: we never really grew up), and they all thought that Journey was actually really ridiculous. One of them said "For Journey to have released satire, one would have to assume that they would have a sense of humor."

For me, I'll admit that Journey's Escape album got me through a prepubescent, "girls hate me and will forever, but Journey understands" summer and that their melodrama had a place. When I look at this video, which I used to like, I shudder at how melodramatic my own self must have been and, it also makes me thankful that there is no video or audio record of my behavior back then. Whew.
Jeremiah, 9:54 AM

9 Back at me:

"girls hate me and will forever, but Journey understands"

equates to much the same thing for me... only it was... can you guess??

HINT: "I could start dreaming but it never ends. As long as you're gone we may as well pretend. I've been dreamin':
Straight .... ... ....."
Blogger Turtle Guy, at 10:44 PM  
Thanks for the late night/ early morning laugh. I watched the video twice and I used to like that song too!

But wait, maybe there is a video of your behaviour back then floating around somewhere. It is said that someone always sees, well maybe in this case that someone may have video taped! Ha...Gosh I need to sleep
Blogger Atasha, at 1:53 AM  
TG: Bryan Adams. "Straight From the Heart." Yep. I used to nod my head to that one too. And, to completely embarrass myself now, I used to clench my fist and jab it at the part of the song where he yells out "Give it to me!" Man, oh man, was I sappy.

Atasha: You know, come to think of it, I took a media production class the last two years of high school (1981-82)where a bunch of geeks like me had video cameras and tape recorders all the time. So, now that you mention it, I bet I AM on somebody's tape, doing something goofy. So, now I've got to hunt them down...
Blogger Jeremiah, at 9:49 AM  
Journey really were that corny...

but I have Escape on LP too... :)))

don't stop... believing....

Blogger ipodmomma, at 10:58 AM  
See.... you better watch out, that video will turn up somewhere
Blogger Atasha, at 3:13 PM  
LOL, that's funny. I'm so stuck in the 90's and I really don't want to look back in ten years and be like "Oh god, that was me!"
Blogger meljoy, at 5:55 AM  
Ipod: Yeah, they were, weren't they? And, I was corny right with them!

Atasha: If it does turn up, I'll post it for all to see and grin at, as a sort of retribution for making fun of my high school hero band.

Meljoy: Hey, thanks for dipping in to my blog. Welcome! You know, sometimes I don't even want to look back 10 DAYS and face how I acted then!
Blogger Jeremiah, at 9:30 AM  
Journey was way ahead of their time!!

"Air keyboards" in a video. that is just awesome.

Seeing that again almost makes me want to get a sleaveless teeshirt, some ultra tight jeans and grow my mullett back
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:32 AM  
I heart Journey. I'm seeing them in concert in September. Don't tell anyone.
Blogger gypsy, at 3:56 PM  

Say sump-tun