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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thoughts in Progress

Swirling your olives in the martini, two olives that is, releases the slightest spectre of olive essence into the liquor, giving it the exquisite elegance of a lightly spiced liqueur, vaguely Mediterranean in its personality and, I think, infuses the brain with the gift of "expressive, yet subtle, conviviality".

Cold spring Northwest rain is like a million tiny winters falling upon your skin, bits and pieces of a shattered season, pitifully trying to wrest your attention away from the sound of the bursting seeds just under your feet. In cahoots with the wind, often, those vengeful remnants of winter do actually make you bury yourself in your pockets, but, you just know that it is now temporary and that, within the month, the winter spirits will finally go to rest.

Some people I've talked to say that they are ashamed to go to a gym because they're so out of shape and that they'd embarrass themselves and I always respond by assuring them that, actually, there is probably no more equal a ground than the gym for them to stand on. While people even in church may look at you with scorn for being overweight, in a gym, everyone's equal. Though you can only bench press 70 pounds, you are as impressive as that guy who can bench press 225 pounds. Why? Because you're THERE. That's the mentality of most of the people I know who go to a gym. If you are in the gym, and you are lifting, riding, treadmilling, or pushing something, then you have about NO room for shame. It's hard to convince people of this, though. Thank you, magazine covers, Hollywood, and the fashion industry.

Lately, I've become insane. I have this music creation program that I completely love. It can produce an infinite number of sounds. But, do you know what I like to do? I like to create one or two sounds, and repeat them. I program an interesting "bloop" or "blink" sound in the synthesizer, and then I set it to loop for as long as I can take it, which is up to a half hour. Sometimes, I pull out my guitar and play two notes along with the bloop and the blink and I play them over and over again. And, I smile. And I groove, to what amounts to a sound much like water dripping from a faucet onto a trash can lid, or to the flap of a mailbox flopping and squeaking in the wind. I am actually entertaining myself. And, I'm even thinking of recording the whole pulsing cacophony. Lately, I have become insane.


Jeremiah, 5:56 AM

8 Back at me:

I just heard a parody of Mr. President wherein he says, "vote spelled backwards is veto" and I realized that as insane as you might sound to yourself with your two note and one sound symphonies - you are barely scratching the surface of other's psychotic mentalities. :-) Rain like shards of winter is a beautiful description - especially for NW rain.
Blogger Maggie, at 10:18 AM  
It's just another excuse to not exercise. There are people of ALL shapes and sizes at the gym. Like you say, at least they are there.

Very poetic rain description. Still, i am ready for a million tiny summers to land upon my skin.
Blogger meno, at 4:46 PM  
I want to hear that two-note melody....
Blogger Mona Buonanotte, at 5:25 AM  
I too really appreciated the description of winter. Perhaps I'm wired incorrectly, but sunny weather really grates on me. I'm perpetually hoping for rain.

Does Blogger have a way to attach sounds (such as an example of what you're talking about)?
Blogger Stucco, at 8:58 PM  
I like to picture Jesus as an underwear model for hanes...and the old ladies are oogling him, and he says to them "step off old ladies" and they are about to sock him one cause he did that and they suddenly realize they better not cause there is something special about this guy and turns out it's Jesus

what does this have to do with your post? nothing.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:12 AM  
I've been an irregular in Blogland lately, but I thought I'd check in. I so enjoy your posts. Your words are like caramel - thick and sweet. Have I ever mentioned that I adore the word "conviviality".

And by the way, what's this about ONLY being able to bench 70 lbs.?? I just got up to benching 65 lbs. and I have to tell ya, all 5' of me are pretty damned proud of it.

Insert grunt here.
Blogger Sarah Elaine, at 3:39 PM  
I think lately, Ba Doozie has become insane as well.

Or maybe it's me. At least that's what the voices say....

(I loved the description of rain...quite lovely and wholly accurate.)
Blogger Emma Sometimes, at 12:08 PM  
Maggie: Yikes. I'm going to now just stop saying that our president has reached new lows. I don't think we know the lows he's capable of.

Meno: Tiny Summers. There's a poem there.

Mona: Someday!

Stucco: Welcome to here! Yes, you can attach sounds, but you have to upload them somewhere else and then provide a link from your blog. Hoop-jumping must be done, but it works--I've done it a'fore.

Ba: I had a dream where there was this teacher who taught you how to determine what a frog's guts were by tasting them. So, he performed dissections by having the students put dead frogs in their mouths and having them chew them up. "Feel that flat, squishy thing that tastes like garbage in the sun? That's the STOMACH!"

Sarah: No disrespect intended on the bench press thing. I don't want you to get mad, especially now that I know how much you can bench press.

Emma: If you hear voices, then you are crazy. Except, of course, if you hear the voices coming from the toilet bowl. Those ones are real, and you should listen, like I do. The toilet voices are our only hope.
Blogger Jeremiah, at 8:42 AM  

Say sump-tun