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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How Slippery is Your Slope?

I just want to warn the public that I'm likely to begin the propagation of yet another annoying phrase. I just read the Lake Superior State University's list of the most annoying phrases of the year, some of which, I must admit, I hadn't heard before, until I started listening a little more carefully. One of the phrases, "not so much" (as in "Ben Stiller's movies make me laugh; Adam Sandler's, not so much") was transparent to me, up until I read the list and, then, I heard "not so much" less than a few hours later, coming from who I consider to be one of the most original conversationalist friends that I have, one who would rarely utter anything trite. Yikes!

Another one, "iconic" I have actually thought of using a few times, but never really heard it. We'll, I'll be a monkey's uncle, I heard it come out of the mouth of one of my favorite progressive talk show hosts just a day later, as he described the admiration he felt about the Unknown Rebel guy who stood in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square. Double yikes! So, people do use those phrases! And, since the people who do are some of my favorite, it's high time (jeez, the cliches) I started doing it myself. In fact, I think I'll just get one rolling, one that I've heard a few times and one which, I think, is appropriate in a lot of cases. And, that's what I'm here to warn you about.

The phrase I plan to slog around is: "slippery slope."

That's it. I plan to use it, frequently. I will use it, most often, to refer to a plan, suggestion, action, or opinion that, in my judgement, might be a little difficult to accomplish or to make clear to everyone concerned.

"You can try to lose weight by eating nothing but cupcakes, but that's a slippery slope."

"Well, covincing her that vegetables are as traumatized by sudden death as cows are is a slippery slope argument since, well, carrots don't wail in pain. At least, not audibly."

I'll also most use it in cases where it may not even metaphorically fit (or, in other words, I'll employ it as "slippery slope usage"). And, I definitely won't use it in a case where it is most appropriate, as in, where someone is actually physically trying to ascend an icy incline. Oh no, not then!

Anyway, I've been warning my friends. I am on a quest to get a phrase on the most annoying list, and, when you read that list next year, I want you to say "Oh, yeah. 'Slippery slope' IS annoying. I know this guy that says it all the friggin' time! I no longer talk to him, nor allow my children to!"

I'm guessing that, if nothing else, my quest will inspire others to out-annoy me just for the sake of drowning me out. However, will it inspire them to admire me? Not so much.


Jeremiah, 1:17 PM

3 Back at me:

dude! still making me laugh...

ta love... :)))
Blogger Anna, at 10:47 AM  
ATTENTION: All this talk of slippery slopes may cause the occasional reader to become mad as a wet hen.
Blogger Turtle Guy, at 9:25 AM  
Slippery slope is what you get when you suddenly go from an occasional "oh hell" around your kids to being Sharon Osbourne with the swears.

This is what I hear, anyway.
Blogger sari, at 12:34 PM  

Say sump-tun